House Democrats Digital Portfolio

Thank you for your consideration of my application to join the House Democratic Caucus as a digital intern!

House Democrats work tirelessly to advance legislation that makes life better for all Americans — whether it’s protecting them against discrimination, fighting back against Republican efforts to block unions or addressing the climate crisis.

In today’s oversaturated media environment, we have to fight tooth and nail to make sure Americans in each Congressional district know what House Democrats are doing for them.

One of the best ways to do this is online. That’s why I was excited to learn about the opportunity to join the caucus as a digital intern this summer.

This means we have to be in control of the messaging about House Democrats that’s out there.

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Digital Portfolio



  • Skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Proficient in Adobe Animate and After Effects.
  • Able to record interviews with multiple cameras and microphones
  • Proficient in creating animated charts in Premiere Pro


Shawnee Summer Theatre: 60 Summers of Theatre — Filmed and produced this video to show our audience the difference the theatre makes in people’s lives and the community.

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Graphic Design


  • Award of Excellence for Individual Portfolio — Society for News Design 2019 Best of Digital Design Contest (Awarded February 2020)
  • Skilled in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Proficient in creating animated GIFs
  • First Place for Promotion Design — Society for News Design 2019 Student Contest (Awarded April 2019)


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  • Photographed 2018 Indiana FFA convention with appearances by Indiana’s governor, lieutenant governor and agency director
  • Proficient in using Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras
  • Skilled in Adobe Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop


Social Media


  • Oversaw the social media presence of the Indiana Daily Student — 60.7 thousand followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Increased engagement on NASA Glenn’s social media accounts by 62 percent during our Apollo 50th anniversary campaign
  • Started a weekly educational series at NASA Glenn on Instagram Stories


Equal Rights Amendment — Produced this GIF inspired by ERA YES signage ahead of the House’s vote to extend the ERA ratification deadline to include Virginia’s ratification.

  • Likes: 212  (+562% more than average)
  • Retweets: 73  (+461%)
  • Impressions: 73,897 (+528%)

Authorization for Use of Military Force, Explained — Created this animation and tweet to explain what the AUMF is and why it’s important that Congress needs to repeal it or re-authorize armed conflict.

  • Likes: 617 (+1,828% more than average)
  • Retweets: 264  (+1,930%)
  • Video views: 29,000
  • Impressions: 372,854 (+3,071%)

Sounds of Launch — I originally created this as an Instagram Story and then converted it to an Instagram post for NASA Headquarters to share.

  • Likes: 1,136,796
  • Views: 5,684,394