Jacob deCastro

is a developer, designer and communications specialist based in Brooklyn, New York.


Web Development

  • Memorial for 101 children killed in crashes
    This memorial should never should have had to be made. It’s the result of our city and state leaders failing to act and failing to stop a preventable public health crisis. Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets record information about each fatal crash in New York City. We’ve used this information to create a… Read more: Memorial for 101 children killed in crashes
  • Tracking protected bike lane installation
    The NYC Streets Plan requires the City of New York to install at least 50 miles of protected bike lanes in 2023 and 250 miles in the five years from 2022 to 2026. The administration installed 19.2 of out of 30 required miles in 2022. Transportation Alternatives is tracking the Adams administration’s progress.
  • Paris’s proposed car-free zone in New York City
    When we saw the proposed car-free zone in Paris, it got us wondering: “What would that look like in New York City?”
  • Reimagining five New York City streets
    What follows are five site studies that demonstrate what is possible when community-driven planning is catalyzed by technology. These site studies are the product of data, research, best practices in street design, and community input. The results are five tactical solutions to five challenging corridors and an example of what’s possible when people come together… Read more: Reimagining five New York City streets
  • NYC 25×25 website redesign
    New York City’s streets and sidewalks make up our largest public space. But more than 75 percent of that space is devoted to driving and free storage for cars — even though a minority of New Yorkers own a car, fewer than one in four drive to work, and the vast majority of us walk, bike,… Read more: NYC 25×25 website redesign


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